Our electoral working group spent two months researching propositions, designing questions to ask candidates, and corresponding directly with candidates about their positions on various issues.

The endorsement proposals were presented at our General Meeting on October 11th.

Members present at the General Meeting discussed and approved the endorsements presented in this voting guide.

If you are interested in seeking our

endorsement please email: [email protected]

State Propositions

No Endorsement-Prop 14

Yes-Prop 15

Yes-Prop 16

Yes-Prop 17

Yes-Prop 18

No Endorsement-Prop 19

No-Prop 20

Yes-Prop 21

No- Prop 22

Yes-Prop 23

No-Prop 24

Yes-Prop 25

Local Propositions

Yes-Measure L: Approved

Yes-Measure M: Approved

Yes-Measure P: Approved

No Endorsement-Measure Q: Approved

No-Measure R: Approved


No Endorsement-President: Approved

No Endorsement-U.S. House District 2: Approved

CA State Assembly District 10

Veronica Roni Jacobi: Approved

Marin County Office of Education, Trustee Area 4

Felicia “Fel” Agrelius: Approved

Marin Community College District Governing Board Member: 

Robbie Powelson: Approved

Paul De Silva: Approved

Philip Kranenburg: Approved

Petaluma Joint Union School District Governing Board

Linda Judah: Approved

San Rafael Board of Education Governing Board Member, Trustee Area 1: 

Endorse: Samantha Ramirez: Approved (pending okay). 

Tamalpais Union High School District Governing Board Member: Endorse: Leslie J Harlander: Approved
Endorse: Brandon Johnson: Approved

Novato $15/hr Accelerated Minimum Wage Endorsement

Whereas, The city of Novato has not set a local minimum wage while the actual costs of living in Novato have continued to rise; and

Whereas, In the wealthiest county in the state of California, full-time workers continue to earn poverty-level wages, putting their children and themselves at a lifestyle risk for health and education concerns, including, but not limited to, poor nutrition, unsafe or inadequate housing, lack of access to medical aid when needed, and challenges to children’s learning abilities and therefore to their success in school; and

Whereas. Studies show an increase in the minimum wage corresponds with an increase in jobs and has little or no negative effect on the employment of minimum wage workers, irrespective to the strengths or weakness of the economy, and that an increase in the minimum wage will generate revenue in the form of consumer spending, adding a stimulus to the local economy; and

Whereas, Many leading economists have supported a $15 minimum wage, basing their support on sound research; and

Whereas, Municipalities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Petaluma, and the city of Sonoma have voted for $15 dollars per hour as the minimum wage:

Resolved, that the Marin branch of the Democratic Socialists of America support an increase of the local minimum wage to AT LEAST $15 per hour, or to the point where full time employment can constitute a living wage; and

Resolved, that the Marin branch of the Democratic Socialists of America support an annual increase of the minimum wage based on the percentage increase of the Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers; and

Resolved, that the Marin branch of the Democratic Socialists of America strongly encourages the Novato City Council to vote Yes on a local $15 minimum wage on an accelerated schedule.

Endorse AB-857

As democratic socialists we support local and worker control over our community’s finances, and financial decision making. Worker and customer owned banks – credit unions – are an important part of our democractic financial landscapes, but have serious limitations for municipal finances.

By banking with private banks cities in Marin County support socially and environmentally disastrous practices. Among other things, these banks support predatory lending practices for low-income communities of color, finance fossil fuels, and support private prisons. Our investments are fundamentally against the values held by Marin residents.

With municipal public banks our cities will have more local control, transparency, and self-determination. They enable sustainable community investments such as affordable housing, loans to low-income households, student loans, small business cultivation, community-based financial institutions, renewable energy, public transit infrastructure, public education infrastructure, and healthcare infrastructure.

Our tax dollars and public assets currently serve the interests of big banks and Wall Street. It is time to let our communities decide how and what we fund.

The Marin branch of the Democractic Socialists of America supports the creation and implementation of a Municipal Bank that supports Marin County, optionally working together with other cities in the Bay Area. We endorse AB-857 and encourage residents of Marin and our local elected officials to endorse and support the bill.