Hindsight for 2020

US backed coups in Venezuela, ICE raids and new detention centers, teacher militancy and strikes in LA, Oakland, and in Sonoma, tenant strikes across the country – the list goes on. 2019 was a show of force for both capital and labor militancy. Across the country and here in Marin, DSA is in the middle of the fight.

In late 2018 we started our first meetings, and really ramped it up for 2019.

  • Our housing working group distributed $500 worth of goods directly to the homeless in Marin, and helped distribute more across North Bay.
  • We kicked off the Let’s Own PG&E campaign in Marin with canvassing, a rally, and phone banking, as part of a bay area wide campaign to own our utilities. 
  • Together with North Bay DSA we raised $1000 for abortion access (and we had bowling!)
  • We can’t win the fight against capital on our own. We are building relationships with organizations like Marin Organizing Committee, the Sunrise Movement Marin, SURJ Marin, Marin Young Democrats, Indivisible Sausalito, ICE out of Marin, ISOJI, North Bay Jobs with Justice, etc.
  • We are organizing tenants in two buildings, and together with housing activists across the county are laying the groundwork and connections for a Marin tenants’ union.
  • We’ve hosted education sessions on PG&E, political activism, and the Green New Deal, open to the general public .
  • Led a public discussion at the San Rafael library on political organizing.
  • Supported North Bay Jobs with Justice (and SEIU) to pass an accelerated minimum wage schedule in Novato.
  • We hosted a needlework class and created revolutionary gifts.
  • We provided strike support for the biomedical engineers at Marin General, standing on the sidewalk, getting honked at.
  • Supported Marin Organizing Committee in passing basic tenant protection rights in San Rafael.
  • Spoke at Larkspur city council meetings in support of tenant protection ordinances and urgent action to protect residents of Marin Park, a mobile home community.
  • Tabled at several farmers markets and College of Marin.
  • Had some good beer and stimulating conversations at our First Friday socials.
  • We did Anti-ICE support and flyering in the Canal alongside ICE out of Marin and Canal based organizations, and some of us were trained in Rapid Response and as dispatchers.
  • Hosted a screening of ¡Las Sandanistas! at the Museum of International Propaganda, to standing room only.
  • Two of our members represented the Marin branch at the DSA National Convention
  • Our housing working group organized mutual aid during the fall power shutdowns (PSPS BS!)
  • Got yelled at by local business leaders for standing up for workers.

At our first January meeting we’ll have a conversation about priorities for our work in 2020. A better world is possible.

Come build it with us.